May: warmer days

bird lilacs

first signs of spring

Chilly April is behind us and now we wait for warmer days and the lilacs to bloom. And if you are like me you start planning your flower garden and dusting off the grill. My go-to-plants are petunias, marigolds, and geraniums. Those plants thrive with my care (my thumb isn’t as green as I would like it to be) and they look great in my window boxes. I enjoy looking at gardening books to get ideas on planting flowers or sprucing up my shrubs. Though I really can’t produce great flower gardens, I have fun trying every spring and summer.


summer is on its way!

I do much better in the grilling department. I love cookbooks; in fact, I needed to go through my personal collection recently as the bookshelves were starting to bend in the middle. At this time of year the thought of cooking outside is very tantalizing. Nothing says summer like the smell of veggies and burgers (beef, turkey, veggie, take your pick) roasting on the grill and sitting in the warm sun and reading a good book while waiting for the food to cook.

book apple

joy of reading outside

Stop by the library to find books on gardening (flower & vegetable). Then stop in the cooking section to pick up a few books on outdoor grilling. Do not forget to browse and stock up on books.



Tell me what flowers you like to plant, favorite grilling recipes, and the author that makes your summer reading fun.

One thought on “May: warmer days

  1. I have a nice perennial garden that I refer to as my “friendship garden”. Almost every plant was a gift plant. It’s so much fun wandering around in the spring seeing the “friendship” plants pop-up, along with the memories of the people who gave them to me. Some of these plants are harvestable, so it is fun to walk, pick and eat! There is also a handy bench perfect for a curl up with a cup of tea and a book. My go to annuals are geraniums, sweet peas, nasturtiums, marigolds, cosmos and sunflowers. They go in the vegetable garden. One of my favorite things is grill cooking with meats flavored by our garden harvested herbs. Naturally, there are benches and seating scattered through the woods, fields, garden and deck for quiet contemplation, reading and brainstorming. One must always have a book handy! Thanks for sharing on your blog. I enjoy reading it.


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